Riverview Ranch

This peaceful property in central Wyoming will host a long-term residential center for women & their young children, where students can safely confront destructive choices to find God's new normal


Prayer Partners

Has God gifted you with the ability to intercede for others in prayer? Are you committed to confidentiality and earnest intercession? Join our Prayer Partner Ministry. Use this link to email us and express interest 


Student Sponsorship

Donations of just $80/day or $40 for a half day provide scholarships to the residents changing their future at  Riverview Ranch


Sober Peer

Teen Challenge supports Sober Peer - a digital platform featuring small group support, one-on-one coaching, and a virtual community made up of people like you

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Faith-Based Help

Licensed Christian counselors help you overcome and find hope; plus faith-based programs to strengthen the family and deal with addiction, depression, and abuse

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Info & Referral

We help individuals and families find and apply for admission to an appropriate center, plus faith based programs in churches and the community